Integrated Fighting and Kettlebell Academy

Integrated Fighting is an integrated blend of martial arts comprising of techniques and principles from:

Krav Maga - Israeli Self-Defence System originally devised for use by the Israeli Military

Catch-Wrestling - American no-gi catch-as-catch-can wrestling where students learn advanced hooking (locking) techniques and chaining (locking combinations) without the restrictions of rules and regulations. Knee, ankle, spine, elbow, shoulder, wrist and even finger locks, are the order of the day.

Brazilian JuJitsu - Grappling system made famous by the legendary Gracie family of Brazil. Usually practiced with a Gi.

San-Shou - Chinese Kickboxing. Kickboxing which includes takedowns.

Pankration - Ancient Greek Fighting Art comprising of strikes, locks, throws and grappling

Judo - Modern Japanese Sport of throws and submissions.

Goshin Ryu Ju-Jitsu - Traditional Ju-Jitsu - strikes, throws and locks

Shuai-Chiao - Chinese Wrestling.

Kettlebells - Russian Kettlebell training to improve all round physical strength and conditioning.