Integrated Fighting and Kettlebell Academy

The theory behind Integrated Fighting:

Integrated Fighting specialises in cross-training in various “circles” of combat. One must be competent to fight on his feet as well as on the ground. The simple theory is that a human being does not stand, he balances. A table stands as it has four legs but the human body is balancing precariously on two. That is the main reason why 90% of fights land up on the ground.

The Chinese Martial Arts define the ranges of fighting as Na, Da, Ti and Shuai. These are simply grabbing or locking, hand fighting, foot fighting and throwing techniques

The Japanese Martial Arts distinguish between Atemi Waza, Kateme Waza and Nage Waza. Literally translated these amount to methods of striking, locking and throwing.

Integrated Fighting aims at giving a student a well rounded education in all of these ranges. The maxim “grapple a striker and strike a grappler” always rings true!

The last 10 years of teaching have largely been influenced by three training partners and friends :-

Jason Godsey from Indianapolis, probably one of the best grapplers I have ever had the pleasure of training with, he opened my eyes to grassroots Catch Wrestling and its combination into MMA. All of the old training I did with my late Dad and a friend of his, a legendary South African Wrestling Champion, Jan Wilkens; began to make perfect sense - but now in a new context. By adding this to a foundation of Judo, JJ, BJJ and Stand-up, I am convinced that we strengthened our ground (and standing) game tenfold. Struggling for a good school name when I first opened my NZ gym and believing that Jason's "Integrated Fighting" described us best, I thank him for allowing us to use the name here in NZ.

Master Mark Cheng, one of the most underrated Martial Arts and conditioning instructors in the world. His years of research into traditional and eclectic Martial Arts, combined with his study of physiology and an unparalleled teaching style make him one in a million. His ability to convey concepts logically and systematically, then back them up with physical application is exceptional. Where many coaches will take the shortcut to short-term gain by adding speed and strength to dysfunction, Mark will work to strip the strength and speed in order to re-pattern the dysfunction before compounding good motion with exceptional strength and speed.

Professor Ernie Boggs visited us in New Zealand in 2012. I had taught alongside Prof Boggs in the 1990's in the USA in a seminar series along with the late, great founder of Small Circle Ju-Jitsu, Professor Wally Jay. Over 20 years later Prof Boggs joined me again on the mat in 2012 with his world class teaching style, and re-energised my love for jujitsu and sport jujitsu. Prof Boggs, with the program he has devised entitled "Problem, Solution, Change" embodies the true spirit of motivating people as "Modern Warriors" to find the best in themselves not only as martial artists, but as human beings. Prof Boggs also honoured me with a 5th Degree Ju-Jitsu Black Belt and a certificate signed by himself and the great Professor Wally Jay.

Darryl Grauman