Integrated Fighting and Kettlebell Academy

MMA 4 Kids

Self-Confidence, Self-Defence, Coordination, Strength, Fitness, Mental Toughness..

Building future leaders…

Breakfalling, tumbling, crab soccer, bear soccer, murder-ball and other games are what you will see in our MMA4Kids classes. These are interspersed with the more traditional fitness exercises, punches, kicks, throws, pins and self-defence sequences that you would expect to see.

You will probably hear the class before you see it with all the noise that usually goes on, but through all the fun there is a serious side where the kids are learning hard and fast technique that will help them both on the street and in competition. Through our program they become confident, learn coordination, get fit and strong and can defend themselves both mentally and physically.

There are no kata, no patterns and no paper tigers. We insist that most drills are contact drills whether on padded focus pads, heavy bags, kick pads or each other. Students learn to strike properly instead of punching air for hours on end, they learn in a controlled environment how to cope with physical contact, the stress of an unforeseen attack and create the reflexes they need to cope with these situations.